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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 My SC COD MW Testimonial

    10/10 5 STARS

    Welcome boys to this review about COD MW2019, I'm literally enjoying every second of this great cheat with the most stable/perfect features i never seen before. I bought this chair because i fall in love with all the media posted in the forum and the other reviews

    AIMBOT 10/10
    Works as intended, very customisable and easy to deal, very good predictions. If you want to bully boys in any mode, this is the best one almost for me
    ESP 10/10
    Boxes, lines, distance, all the items in the map, everything you want to loot, ALL. You can't lose, it's literally perfect, you can adjust colours, teammates, vehicles, whatever and never crashed or unhooked. 100% worth.
    EXTRAS 10/10
    Damn, If you don't have enough with AIMBOT and ESP, We got MORE !.
    2D radar (Do you like radars ? well enjoy it because is pretty well coded, i don't use it but it's pretty good.).
    Warning announce (Snake loud noises. If you are not aware about what's happening around you, this feature is what you are looking for. ).
    Triggerbot (Too lazy for press left click ? just press aim key and kill whatever you want, you can set a small delay before shoot someone, it's a good feature.).

    SAFE 10/10
    I didn't get banned yet, no shadowsbans or anything, 10/10 SAFE, never crashed, too stable and very easy to understand, SysCheats knows how to do everything right. if you are looking for high quality chairs and not garbage $70 chairs, you must get this baby.

    My last words are:
    Are you looking for git gud and don't stress yourself at the same time ? Buy the premium package and be god, take your time for understand all the features, they are easy to setup, if you are afraid about being obvious because it requieres brain.exe, use the legit setup. Remember to be patient with the updates, they are fast. but activition is a bitch so they do patch every 1-2 days. Anyway you don't need to worry, with the premium package you can use this rgb chair for a lot of games more.


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    Thank you for the review! Glad to see you are liking it!
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    Ty for the review but you are already given your days on your post HERE

    If you are willing to rate any other cheat than MW and post it go for it but for MW you are gud to go.

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    Good to hear that you like it, we will do our best to make sure you will enjoy our cheats for much more longer!

    Cheaper prices!

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    when i tried to check it, the forum didn't allow me to see it, that's why i created other review t-t, i don't know, if you want, you can delete this one and leave the other one

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    Your Review is much appreciated, thank you very much!
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