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    My SC COD MW Testimonial

    Hi everyone, i'm started to use this chair since march and i come here to say... Thank you, I never get banned, i never find a noticeable bug, i feel really safe using this one, i'm not a streamer so it fits perfect for me.

    -Everything works pretty smooth (my graphic is pretty dogshit and i don't have any issue
    -All the features are really customizable, because i don't like to use radar 2d, triggerbot or the warning thing, they are useful but i prefer to stay with my aimbot and esp, they are great, i would love to aim through fences but still god.
    -You can play and listen music because it's way too chill and you don't need to pay 100% attention to everything, esp customization is one of the best IMO.
    -You can set multiple profiles, that helps a lot because i use dif configurations for multiplayer and warzone.
    -Randomize Aim (bones) = Best feature, i love it, it works as intended.
    -I never suffer any shadowban or anything like that, i'm using my personal expensive account and 0 problem.
    sec editing, i press enter for error lol
    -You don't need to learn the Cr-Amax(galil) recoil

    Very very safe
    , and all the staff is always paying attention about anticheat, the updates are very fast and i can always enjoy about the other chairs while it's offline, i recommend SC 100%.

    If you are looking for a good chair and you are not a streamer, buy it, you don't need to think about it, prices is low asf, support is amazing, and you can enjoy a lot of other chair while it's offline for patch or something. a lot of payment methods and resellers, feel free to give 1 chance and you will see what i'm talking about. I already vouched my reseller and recommended this because it's gold, like all my weapons in MW.

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    Thank you for the review, glad you are liking SystemCheats
    "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand" (Martin Fowler, 2008).
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    YES! Nobody can compate with our CHAIRS!

    Added 5 days to your chair. Ty for the review.
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