Hello everyone,

We're currently open for reseller applications.
Below you can find the requirements and what you will be granted as a reseller.

You will be granted a coupon code that is 30% off to start with. (Coupons can go further up to 40% depending on your sales)
To use that coupon your customer has to register on our Forum.
The coupon code must be used only on your main account.
You are responsible for the coupon to stay in your possession at all times.
If found used on another account than your main one, the coupon code will be revoked.
You will be granted access to the reseller section.
As a reseller, you cannot sell our verified cheats due to the verification process.
We do not offer any unbranded or custom loaders. Everyone will use the same loader officially from our download link as it's a unique build per download.

Who can apply?
  • Anyone who has an interest to be a reseller. (Preferably with a background in previous reselling experience in the field)

What are the requirements?
  • Website or a community that you sell on, such as Discord, etc...
  • Know the product you resell. (Know how our cheats work)
  • Knowledge of low-tier problem-solving is required. (We will mainly take care of support via Forum or TeamSpeak)

What do we expect from you?
  • Resellers need to meet our standards at all times regarding price undercuts or overpricing.
  • Any price changes on your end will require approval beforehand.
  • Payment method coverage. (This includes any payment issues such as chargebacks)
  • Professionalism on your end with your customers. (Do not scam your customers! If we get notified of any fraudulent activity we will take action)

To Apply:
Private Message Psychopath
With the following information:

Title: Reseller Application
  • What region are you covering?
  • What is your website/community?
  • How big is your website/community?
  • How many sales do you expect to sell per month?
  • What payment methods do you cover?
  • What Language(s) do you speak?
  • Are you familiar with our products?
  • How many other cheat sites do you resell? (Specify which ones)

Don't forget to include your discord username for communication outside of the forum.

SystemCheats Staff