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    Black Ops 2 Cheat Review

    After using BO2 (mostly) cheat with 1 day trial, I think this is one of the best hacks I have ever tried from this game.

    Aesthetics of the menu - 7/10

    Menu is really simple, can't be customized on any way. You can save your config profile and rebind keys (Panic and Menu open). Sometimes you have to hit it several times until it works.

    3D Radar (ESP) - 8/10

    Woking as intended, you can customize all the colors and add many information (Player Name, Distance, Weapon...), box size and shape changes when enemy is crouch/proned. I'd love some glow ESP feature like CS:GO (don't even know if it's possible on CoD games)

    2D Radar - ??/10

    Personally I don't use this feature since I already use 3D Radar. Looks good and recommended if you want to play as much legit you can while cheating. Has many custom options.

    Warnings - 10/10

    Good to check your back . Warns you with a text in the middle of the screen if someone can see you, is aiming at you, etc, accompanied by the distance the enemy is between parentheses

    Misc - 8/10

    Allows you to print information such as fps, date and time, screen resolution, draw a crosshair (you can resize it and select dot, crosses, etc) and Panic Key, which completely disables the cheat. Sometimes you have to hit it several times until it works (like menu key). Could add more options (for eg fast reload, auto prone when shooting, etc...)

    Security - 10/10

    0 detections since release (as far as I know), supports VAC3 and Treyarch Anticheats, both are easy to bypass (you can find how to on internet ). As long as you don't wallbang your enemies all the time, you will be safe.

    My rate: 9/10

    Cheat is really easy and fast to load and inject, no fps drops at all. Highly recommended, best legit cheat I found .
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    Thanks for the kind review, we hope to see you back soon!
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    Nice looking and detailed review, we are happy you enjoy our product.

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