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    CoD WW2 - Feedback & General Review

    Hi everyone,

    As I came back, I take the opportunity to do a review on CoD WW2 and "SystemCheats". I will talk only about what I tried because I have not tested all the features that are available to us and I will try to explain each point clearly without going into too much detail. First, I'll talk about SystemCheats (their website, what they propose ...) after that I will explain each point about CoD WW2 And finally a conclusion. I hope it will help you if you are looking for information before buying.


    I'm going to talk about a detail that I was able to take up that will allow me to talk about their website.

    You may not have the same functionality from one game to another

    Why am I talking about this? Simply because when you arrive on their website you have directly in front of you some games with their OWN features

    The Division > teleport
    GTA V > god mode / super damage / ...
    Sea of thieves > treasure ESP / merchant ESP / ...

    After that you have the list of all available games, the choice you have. I've never seen a cheat site with so much game !

    But the most interesting is how they sell it. You can buy a cheat for a single game or a package that includes several of them (call of duty player > cod package, cs player > source package). I come now to the price which is very honestly reasonable.

    CoD WW2

    Here's what I think of the features available for CoD WW2

    Aimbot 8 / 10

    Is very powerful, possibility to configure lots of options that will allow you to use it as you see fit.

    Note: In zombie mode sometimes some zombies will be immune to your aimbot, you will not be able to target it with the aimbot. Probably due to the large number of entities present at the same time.

    Triggerbot 7 / 10

    The triggerbot compared to the aimbot with very little configuration option, I would have liked to choose options as with which weapons it works, which part of the body (the head, the torso ...), whether a bullet or a burst is fired.
    It is still very correct and works without problems.

    3D Radar (ESP) 9 / 10

    ESP is fully configurable, and fully functional (In MP).

    Note: Same as the aimbot In zombie mode sometimes some zombies will be invisible to your ESP.

    2D Radar ??? / 10

    I do not use this option.

    Warning ??? / 10

    I do not use this option.

    Misc 7 / 10

    I did not use all the options, but I enjoyed being able to display the time, the fps, change the crosshair, and the font size. I do not use the No Recoil.


    You can change the color of many things (ESP, Crosshair, Nade, Menu ...), plus you have the option to change your keys for different options like (Open menu, Toggle Aimbot, Triggerbot, Panic Key). Add players to a blacklist so that it is no longer affected by your ESP / Aimbot. And finally save your options. Two configurations like Legit and Rage for example.


    "Systemcheats" is reliable, cheap, easy to use. Their website is clear. If you hesitate, listen to me, you can go for it, really. I had fun on Cod WW2 with their cheat, I start now for GTA and I will start again for other games. "Systemcheats" is just awesome, simple, effective, undetectable.

    Note : Undetectable does not say that you can not be banned. Be careful.

    I tried to do my best, it probably lacks information, I'm sorry.

    Thank you
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    I want to thank you for taking your time to write a positive review for us, see you on the WWII.
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    Thank you for taking your time to write a review, we really appreciate it!
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    Nice looking review you made there, thank you
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    Beautiful, colored review. Thank you for your time and enjoy!
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