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    General Web-Site Review

    Time has now arrived. As everyone can see from my profile, I joined over a year ago.
    I started with the 24H trial (Web-Site used to look a bit sketchy, now it's very clean and good looking).

    General Points on a 0-10 scale.

    User friendly set up

    6.5/10 Don't get me wrong, once you figgured it out it's very simple and fast to get ready to play, but on my very first log-in I got some issues caused by the UAC and others updates I had to do.
    Fortunately they made a great program called "SystemHelper" which make the whole process way to easier. Also with a bit of help by Mods and SMods it went all smoothly in a couple of minutes.


    10/10 Probably the BEST staff you can find on a cheat provider Web-Site. Always ready to help customers and fully TS3 vocal chat support.


    8.5/10 Now this 8.5 it's based on a customer POV since some cheats miss a few features that others cheats can provide you. But from a DEV POV and a Security POV this 8.5/10 can easily be a 10/10. Now this lead to our next point.

    Security and Detection Rate

    10/10 Considering that there is ALWAYS a chance to get BANNED once you inject ANY Cheat, SystemCheat has one of the BEST UNDETECTED Cheat arround. Coder is keeping up an amazing work to constantly Update Cheats as soon as possible, also Risky Features that can make your self BANNED in no time, are not even included in most of the Cheats.


    10/10 As usual, Price it's the very first caratteristic that pop-up once you join a Cheat-Provider Web-Site. Price here are so amazingly cheap compared to any others Site (so cheaper that I thought it was a scam the first time I joined )


    10/10 People are so nice and none spam/insult in the ShoutBox or in the Threads. We need more people to have good conversation in the ShoutBox

    General Rating

    9.5/10 If they can get an easir way to figgure out the very first set-up of the launcher wuold be 10/10. Anyway it's not a big deal, once you know how to do it, it's very easy and this Web-Site it's definitively recommended to anyone who want an amazing product for a few dollars.

    Have fun with SystemCheat and hopefully you will be another great user of this great community!
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    My personal guide on how to not get banned on COD:
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    Thank you very much for the extremely detailed review! We love hearing the feedback and are happy to have you as part of the community!
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    Thank you for the detailed review Oxyde!
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    Thanks for the review bud!
    destr0yer@systemcheats:~#Rules > TOS > EULA
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    Thank you for your detailed review. We appreciate the kind words.
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