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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    Hello everybody,

    First, I'd like to say the cheat definitely lacks in a few areas...however, after reading through SystemFiles' responses to why it doesn't have this or that I find that I completely agree with his choice in leaving most of the obvious hacks out. The SystemRadar and all that comes with it is spectacular. With enough practice, you can hide you're using it COMPLETELY and be fine when playing competitive. Or, you can (half rage) and be obvious. Against others that are hacking, you get massacred but as long as you're playing against legit players - they don't stand a chance.

    On my main account, I have over 10,000 hours on CS:S, and over 8,000 hours on CS:GO. It's fairly easy for me to tell when somebody is hacking. However, when using Systemcheats' CS:GO hacks, I am able to hide it so well that NOBODY would be able to tell that I have a slight edge.

    In short, I'm in love. Keep it up.

    One suggestion I would have is the obvious...sell a monthly subscription to a rage hack for CS:GO...perhaps even disassociate it from systemcheats to keep your beautiful clean record of undetection. Just a thought. As a programmer, I understand the unfeasible feat it might be. Also, I would recommend putting on your subscription for CS:GO that it does *NOT* come with ANYTHING other than wallhacks. I spoke to a few people that whined about feeling like they were "ripped off" because it didn't come with triggerbot/aimbot, etc. I just told them to eat a ****.

    <3 SystemFiles and <3 systemcheats.

    Great job guys, you've got a lifer on your hands.
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    Thanks for the positive review.
    Glad to hear you're enjoying the cheat!

    Just to point out, I doubt systemfiles will add another version of cheat that includes rage settings, it's just not his style. There are many other cheat providers that provides those features and it seems like the risk is way too high.
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    Thanks for the kind review on CS:GO!
    destr0yer@systemcheats:~#Rules > TOS > EULA
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