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    APB Reloaded review

    Reviewer background
    I have now purchased subscription for this cheat 3 times or so, so I think I should give you an honest review.
    The first thing I'd like to say is that I've tried other cheat providers for APB. As for my own background in this game, I've been around APB since 2011 or so and have used quite a few cheats in my day, though I was never a rage cheater.

    Very nice smooth and reliable aimbot with a good selection of simple features. It would be nice with settings like pre aim, post aim, recoil control and an aimbot that will toggle on/off at random durations while holding the aimkey. It would be good against fairfight.
    Some of these features have been suggested and denied. No suggestions I or others have made to the aimbot has been accepted during my time here. I've basically had no issues with the aimbot other than a few times if the enemy is on a roof and you shoot from underneath, it will aim just under the enemy on the ledge instead of visible parts on the enemy. I have it set to all bones and random bone so I don't know why that happens. No major concerns though.
    Score: 8/10

    The triggerbot is OK. It's accurate, reliable, has delay settings, can be set to trigger on or off on vehicles and even friendly if you want. It is bad that it can not shoot people climbing ladders. Also negative is that there are no randomize settings for triggerbot delay.
    There should be settings like this and maybe post fire, making the triggerbot continue shooting for x amount of milliseconds after it triggers so it looks more natural.
    Score: 7/10

    Very good. I love how much you can set this. It can show different colors for hidden/visible/cars and many other things like grenades (grenade ESP) which is really great. The customization here is top-notch.
    I can't think of anything missing here and it works perfectly.
    Score: 10/10

    Warning system
    I've never used it. Can't comment on it.
    Score: NA

    Misc features
    A cool and handy set of misc features like resizable overlay crosshair, no recoil (which I don't use, to avoid bans), Panic key and a couple of more handy things. The hardware ID spoof tool is brilliant!
    Score: 10/10

    Key settings
    Nice and simple. Would be nice with the ability to set more than one key for for instance the aim/trigger. This suggestion was rejected for some reason.
    Score: 7/10

    Save/Load settings
    Lets you save and load settings for default, custom 1 and custom 2. I only ever needed to load one setting aside from my default one. Though it wouldn't hurt to have more than 3 total settings as it would require pretty much nothing to add. I don't like that there are no hotkey assignment to load settings because you have to open up the cheat menu in game and go to settings and then load setting to do that. You want to be able to instantly change settings in game if you for instance have one setting specifically for sniping and you need to change to sniper quickly. You don't always have time to open the menu manually.
    Score: 6/10

    Anti cheat/Detection
    Was detected in 2013 when APB used punkbuster. No actual detections since. Though APB uses Fairfight now which does not detect the cheats themselves but rely on collecting statistics about player behaviour, player accuracy, hit/miss streaks, movement towards invisible enemies etc. There are definetely enough features in SC to avoid getting detected. This is all about intelligence and not making mistakes and the staff regularly points this out. Very good.If you read under "Aimbot" in this review I feel there is more that could be done here, but it's still very good. I have this far not gotten banned from using this cheat and I try not to.
    Score: 9/10

    Customer service/website/staff
    Best I've seen this far. Staff is polite and replies very quickly and doesn't stop replying until the issue is resolved. People misbehaving on the website are banned quickly.
    The times I've needed help I've always gotten it very quickly. Top-notch here.
    Score: 10/10

    I would not go anywhere else for cheats for APB reloaded right now because I don't know anyone else as reliable, honest and professional. You get the best service and the cheat has all the functions you need.
    However, that's just it, too. I want a little bit more than what is "needed". The cheat itself doesn't bring anything extra that the others don't have, but what it does have mostly works very well aside from a very few errors, such as the triggerbot not shooting people on ladders. It doesn't feel innovative or exciting, but it delivers a very reliable experience.
    In the end, it just works really well, like an old car that never breaks. It would be nice to fresh it up though with some more in depth aimbot and triggerbot features. From all the rejected suggestions for features for the aimbot/triggerbot, it feels uninspiring. Because of this I've made a script that lets me do more advanced aim-button features that I mention under the aimbot headline, so I'm satisfied anyway, but nobody else in this community has these features, and they should. It's nothing complex at all.
    All this being said: I like systemcheats a great deal but it could be better and it wouldn't require much.
    Mathematical Total score 8.3/10
    Experienced Total score 8/10
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    Thank you for the kind review!
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    Thanks for the highly detailed review (including mathematical grading by the tenth).
    destr0yer@systemcheats:~#Rules > TOS > EULA
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    Thank you for your review. We appreciate the kind words.
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    Great review I thorougly enjoyed reading it because I aswell use to purchase this subscription back when I played APB. good times!
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