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    Thumbs up Bo3 Cheat review

    While the hack was amazing and I was ****ting on noobs and i got diamond for assualt rifles, smgs, and lmgs and I had used it for 3 days because after 1 day trail the game is still open with hacks injected so I kept playing. Eventually, after 3 days I got game BANNED! which I was very disappointed about considering I has 1200 hours and had been reset so for the hack i give it a 8/10 (no fov changer and no unlocker) but the anti cheat a 5/10

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    The anti-cheat for BO3 is for the most part stats based.

    The way you said you were "pooping" on noobs leads me to believe you played rage style?
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    Well, what do you expect, if you go in and kill everything that moves you will be banned, otherwise the game would be a clusterfuck.

    If you do not want to be banned don't abuse the cheat too much, you need to hide the fact that you cheat as much as you can if you rage hack, you will be banned, there is nothing we or anyone else can do about it.

    And if you would actually care about your account you would of have asked or at least read some posts about how to avoid a ban, and you did nothing of the sort.

    And looking at your injections, I bet you did not even inject the cheat the correct way, I mean, what do you expect?

    that 3 day part is nonsense, which makes everything you say even less creditable.
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    Where is the review? Sorry, but all I see is a pointless ban report. Which is guaranteed to be because of your own mistake by not playing legit and abusing the cheat.
    99.9% of the reported bans are dev/game bans, which always end up on customer's mistake. Just like yours.. If you prove me otherwise, i'll buy you a new black ops 3 copy with all the dlcs.
    What's up with thew FOV Changer? Can't you go to options and change the FOV? Why would you need the cheat for that, it's in game's option setting?
    Unlocker? What's the point in playing then? You definitely seem like someone who like to get banned immediately and I'm honestly not surprised about it.

    Exactly what Jakubi said... "if you would actually care about your account you would of have asked or at least read some posts about how to avoid a ban, and you did nothing of the sort."
    We have staff and customers with over 3000 hours in Black Ops 3. So as I said, prove me otherwise and enjoy your bo3 copy with season pass.

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