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    Question SSD or HDD for your games?

    Having trouble deciding which route I should go. Currently have a ton of 240GB SSD's at home, do I install all of our games across those or keep it simple with a single 1TB HDD?

    I'm curious to hear what you guys use for your setup and what noticeable differences you have seen between gaming on a SSD vs standard spinning disks (HDD's).

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    I dont own a SSD sadly, But i will buy it in the near future for sure.
    Iknow from my friends that an SSD will reduce alot of waiting time in games, Also if you install your windows on your SSD then your OS will restart fast as hell.
    For example: my friend restarts his pc in like 25sec ? while on my HDD it takes 5mins.
    Another thing is in GTA5 the loading screens in that game are insane, but many people told me that if you instal GTA5 on your SSD it will be alot faster.

    Long story short. Always use an SSD if you ask me, + The lifespan of an SSD is way longer then a HDD.

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    Use SSD if you have it already. I have 2 512 SSDs and all the major programs and games are in those drives. Besides these two SSDs, I have one 2 TB SSHD. It is a hybrid and is a lot faster than normal HDD but a bit slower than SSD.

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    It will reduce your loading, waiting and initialization time to almost 0 sec. Heck! My windows 10 and Autocad 2017 for rendering loads at max of 1.2 sec. I recorded that

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