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    (ARK) Review and a lot of Suggestions

    How describe this tool in one word? Amazing!!

    Why I Love it?

    I dont need to spend hours searching for a good level dino, I only fly and see every dino level with ease.

    As a solo player the 20 men's tribe cant stop me of enjoy the game, now I know where they are stalking me or aiming at me.

    Leveling is made easy with the possibility to see where the alphas stand, no more hours spend rushing the island and killing every dino in sight.

    The HUD is brilliant and love the fact that you can customize also the colors, altought sometimes overlap the vanilla HUD.

    And I can continue but I use it especially for these thing, but the the tool have a lot more of possibilities.


    1- Giganotos and Quetzal are dinos that are present 1-3 at a time in the island, would be great a tool to detect where they are as the actual 1500 radius is extremely short. Peraphs an arrow in the map indicating the direction to found them, and a restriction to not use this feature in normal dinos, as the rest are present in large numbers and would spam the map or Hud.

    2- Same for alphas, who only are present 4-8 at a time.

    3- Expand the dino detect radius from 1500 to 5000 for example with a warning, so the player know his computer would have a bad time rendering to much info, altough can be useful in very especific moments so we can proceed with our own discretion. Dont confund with 1 and 2, these are infinite ranges to detect extremely rare dinos.

    4- Same infinite range as 1 and 2, to tell you where a beacon has spawn in a cave or a distant part, posibble to sort by rarity so only yellow and red beacons appear in Hud.

    5- All caves (Underwater also) recognizables in the minimap, not necessary a 3d indicator, but a point in the map when you pass close to them.

    6- Resources indicator, so you dont need to full circle the volcano to find Obsidian, as the minimap or an 3d indicator will tell you where the resources are. Deactivated by default as It can clutter the Hud and be resource intensive, Not applicable for trees and rocks. Only for rare resources (Obsidian, Oil, Crystal, Pearls, Maybe Metal).

    7- Coming soon. (Will add more as I play and found possible upgrades for the tool)

    For me personally the 1,2 and 3 are the most important, only if these will added I will consider a lifetime membership.
    To end this review, your tool is really useful, I cant play ark without it. Its really hard to found a page of this kind where you need to pay and dont its a Scam, so keep working you are doing it right!!

    Have a nice day.

    PD: Have passed 3 days and the ARK subscription is in "Updating" state, will this last longer?
    PD2: Sorry if some phrases are hard to read, Im not native english. Anything incomprehensible ask me and I will clarify as soon as I can.
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    Thanks for your time used to make this great review. Glad you are one of the satisfied customers!

    As for those suggestions, you can post them in our feature request thread. If they aren't already requested.
    Here's the link for thread -------->
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