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    Thumbs up apb review

    Had the cheat menu on but alll disabled got banned not that great 4/10.

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    I moved your post to its own thread.

    Thank you for your review. If you have any questions about the cheat, or have any ideas on improving it let us know. Sorry to hear you got banned but you do still have to look semi-legit if you don't want to get banned.

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    You got banned by Punkbuster or FairFight? Having our menu open does not cause a ban, I can guarantee that.

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    I guarantee you got banned by FairFight for not playing legit. As SystemFiles said menu has nothing to do with it.
    I won't even consider this as a "review" from your first post you've been harsh on it.
    There is no feedback or any information why you're unhappy, you simply got banned for your own fault and saying its because of the menu which is totally not the case and no way you got banned when everything is off.

    Quote Originally Posted by FauxVon View Post
    The Apb hack doesn't work properly its not detected but no recoil barely works and 3d radar is just as bad but ty anyways D:.
    That's clearly a lie, everything is working as it should. not sure what else you expect from a 3D Radar/ESP honestly, it has all the features you can ask for.
    As I said previously:
    Quote Originally Posted by Psychopath View Post
    Are you sure it's "No Recoil" that bothers you?
    You probably mentioning the spread.
    Unfortunately, No Spread is impossible to do in APB.

    The No Recoil works fine, In fact I've tested it like an hour ago or so.
    There is definitely a confusion on your end, everything else like 3D Radar works flawlessly here.

    Please explain what kind of settings you looking for.
    You still didn't answer my question..
    Not sure what else can I discuss here, my point is clear.

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