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    CFNA Hack Review.

    Very impressed with the hack, a few pros and cons for the coders/team (Just constructive feedback not negative)

    Hack Pros: Idiot proof, with easy navigation and options for that personal touch regarding colour changes helped with my OCD - The aimbot works fine, I messed around with a couple of the legit settings provided in the forums but not found my niche yet, just picky... But all in all a simple yet effective tool that gives you exactly what you want for an above reasonable price.

    Hack Cons: Trigger bot could use a little work, its a bit sticky in regards to a smooth aim - Doesn't seem to want to be smooth, but that might be due to the fact I've not played around with it enough, and the only other thing is when using the head-shot bone for your target while in aimbot, it can sometimes just not bother and aim above the head. Even with good settings, it can just be a little unresponsive and take a few attempts to get the head-shot.

    If you are reading this review and thinking about purchasing the hack, then put it this way - "BUY IT YOU FOOLS"

    Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to being part of the community,

    Gandalf <3
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    Thank-you for the review! We are glad to see that you are enjoying our hacks.
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