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    Post Video Rewarding System

    Hello everybody,
    We decided to do something cool and unusual!
    If you know how to record and edit a video then continue reading below. If not, still continue reading!
    We decided to reward our customers in a very unique way by adding free days to your subscriptions!

    How? you may ask, well...
    Anyone that want to get free days, all he/she has to do is to record some neat footage with our cheats in game and create a cool video with it!
    Every video published, you will get rewarded by the next formula:

    • Each video will grant you 10 extra days.

    PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, Non-Customers and One Day Trial cannot participate in this!
    The maximum limit of videos you can do per month are 3.
    Every 1st of the month the reward days will reset!
    If you will make 3 videos per month you will have 30 free days in total per month. (YES! You can have infinite days if you keep making videos.)

    If you currently hold more than one subscription active, you can choose on which one you want the days to be added.
    If you have any of our packages as active subscriptions including premium package, you will be rewarded towards the package!

    Please note:
    We reserve the right to deny adding days If the video is not meeting our requirements, which are:

    How to participate in this:
    The video has to be recorded with at least in 30 FPS.
    The video has to be recorded at least in 1080p.
    The video should be minimum of 2:30 minutes.
    You must publish it to YouTube.
    The video must be set as Public.
    Video title must contain "" (Example: GTA V Hack -
    It must have our Watermark on the video. (Can be found Here)
    It must begin with our Intro and end up with our Outro. (Both can be found Here and Here) But, you are welcome to create your own one as well!

    If you continue to show interest in publishing videos, you can be part of the video team which getting full access to all of our cheats!

    How and where to post the video?
    All new videos must be posted here:
    Title Name can be in this format: GTA 5 Promotion Video Jan #1
    Post should be in this format:

    GTA 5 Video Jan #1
    If the published video status will change to Unlisted, Private or Removed. We will revoke the added days from you and you will lose the ability to participate in the video reward system.
    If you will try to evade it by making a new user, you will be permanently banned.

    We hope you will enjoy this kind of unique experience here at SystemCheats.
    If you got any questions, Please don't hesitate to ask us on the forum.

    Best Regards,
    SystemCheats Staff
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