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    Post Video Rewarding System

    Hello everyone,

    We have an exciting and unconventional opportunity to share with you!
    Please read on if you possess the skills to record and edit videos. If not, please continue reading anyway!

    We have devised a distinct way to show appreciation for our customers by providing extra days to your subscriptions!

    So, how can you earn these extra days? It's pretty simple.
    You only need to capture impressive gameplay footage with our cheats and create a captivating video!
    For each Video that you publish, you will be rewarded with the following formula:

    • Each video will grant you 10 extra days.

    PLEASE NOTE: I'm sorry to inform you that Non-Customers and One Day Trial users are not eligible to participate in this offer.
    Additionally, please note that the maximum number of videos you can create monthly is limited to 3.
    However, the reward days will reset every 1st day of the month, giving you another chance to earn more free days.
    If you successfully create 3 videos per month, you will be rewarded with 30 free days in total for that month.

    You can select the specific days you wish to add if you have multiple active subscriptions.
    Additionally, you will receive a reward if you have any of our subscription packages, including the premium option.

    Please keep in mind that we may decline adding days if the Video does not meet our specific requirements, which include:

    How to participate in this/Requirements:
    Please ensure that your Video meets the following criteria:
    1. The Video frame rate should be at least 30 FPS.
    2. The Video resolution should be 1080p or higher (1920x1080).
    3. The Video length should be at least 3 minutes.
    4. The final Video output should have a bit rate of at least 30 MB/s, as low-quality videos will need to be re-uploaded or not accepted.
    5. Please upload the Video to either YouTube or Odysee.
    6. The Video must be set to public.
    7. The Video title must include "SystemCheats" (e.g., "GTA V Cheat/Hack - SystemCheats").
    8. The Video must include our watermark, which can be found here.
    9. Please begin the Video with our intro and end it with our outro, both of which can be found here. However, feel free to create your own if you prefer.
    10. As a bonus, please showcase the menu for at least 18 seconds, but make sure that the total time of the intro and menu showcase does not exceed 30 seconds.

    Here is a great example of a video that we expect to see:
    Different varieties of clips don't use the same gameplay without editing. Try to show different weapons and different gameplay by editing it nicely.

    How and where to post the video?
    Please post all new videos at this link:
    When naming your Video, please use the format "GTA 5 Promotion Video Jan #1" for the title.
    Additionally, ensure that your post follows the given format.

    Example for YouTube:
    GTA 5 Video Jan #1
    Example for Odysee:
    The Division 2 Video Jan #1

    If you change the status of your published Video to Unlisted, Private, or Removed, we will deduct the additional days you received, and you won't be able to participate in the video reward program.
    Moreover, you risk being blocked from our site and future participation. (For more information, see
    If you try to create a new user to evade this consequence, you will be permanently banned.
    Additionally, if any of your uploaded videos are removed, we will subtract days from your account until the Video is re-uploaded.

    We hope you will enjoy this kind of unique experience here at SystemCheats.
    If you got any questions, Please don't hesitate to ask us on the forum.

    Best Regards,
    SystemCheats Staff
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