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    CheatersFirst vs GamersLast (APB + General SC Review)

    I came to SC when a rather infamous hacker suggested the only way to stop being evasion banned was to spoof my HWID by actually hooking the game (or something like that)

    He told me to get this cheat for its HWID spoofer and that's what I did. Over time, I've found that more people than I'd expect are using this cheat for the same reason - plenty of very well known players in APB and even some famous/ infamous ones - closets and blatants and even legits are using it.. especially after seeing the "Tiggsfight" review I can see I'm not alone at all in this. I may not be a known infamous player like the guy who made that review or even a player people remember, but regardless I still am not really on G1's good side for some silly reasons so they ban me on every account I make no matter how legit I play.

    Its a bit frustrating, but really its no secret that G1 is running this game into the ground far more than any cheater will any day. The company is so damn unprofessional and chances are you're going to get banned for something completely idiotic even if you are trying your best to avoid it. Its a great game at its core ruined by a horrible company. Almost everyone I know from APB has been banned at least once.. What I'm getting at is there's practically no reason not to cheat in it lol.

    So anyways, I started using the hack purely to spoof my HWID. Now I'm not really new to cheating in general, I've been one of APB's dirty closets for a long time through other means.. So of course I had to try out the features at some point. I had used other hacks before for really minor uses and they did the job ok and I've used hacks since this one, but I have never used a hack that had so many options and customization whether before or after. This was the first one that just really went all out. I had a lot of fun tweaking things around and trying it out. Not to mention the price is great for what's offered in comparison to so many others. I won't name names of sites, but some of them are just a huge ripoff after using SC.

    I mean what's there to say about the cheat itself? The menu is so easy to use and there's pretty much every feature I could ask for really. When I was using another cheat and posting in their suggestions forum, almost every single thing I suggested was something this cheat already had. Go figure. I haven't tested everything out there, but I really think this is probably the best paid cheat that covers a lot of games - not just for APB but for any games you guys offer since they all seem to be basically the same, minus some game-specific features.

    Just everything is there. From distance for ESP to work to names/ radar dots changing color when visible. Its all so damn useful and works so well. You can really go mega softcore using very light features like only visible radar, vehicle HP displayed, center dot, etc. or just full blatant and everything in between. Its just awesome how much possibility there is. I love how you can play exactly how you want.

    Now, I'm sure its easy to get banned using this on APB because of FairFight but that really isn't about the cheat at all honestly. Its up to you how you play and what you use. I'm not sure if the way I enjoy playing could go without being banned as I haven't even really tested it in full. Using a fully blatant aimbot, I've gotten banned in a day. But using smooth aim at around 10 and a 0-10ms triggerbot on an acc I didn't care about and I've lasted several weeks without being banned. Someone I know did kind of a crash test and went over a month using blatant 3-5 smooth aim with a aim angle of 15 or higher and a 2d radar.. that he used obviously.
    I mean, that's a pretty long time to last with such obvious settings. So imagine how long you can go with proper closet settings. If you do it right, I'm sure you could even avoid bans altogether and if not permanently, for a long long long ****ing time.. until you say something that pisses G1 off and you get banned lmao. but even then, that's not being banned for cheating. I mean come on, you're going to be banned by G1 at some point. Why not cheat in the meantime ;D

    I really have 0 complaints about APB's version of the cheat. The triggerbot is insanely ****ing accurate, the aimbot works perfectly how you'd want it when it comes down to tweaking it, and the ESP is the best I've seen of any cheat.
    Actually, all the settings are the best I've seen of any. I also love how you can customize specific things like sizes and colors. Visually, the esp and stuff can look rather nice.

    Since using SC in APB, I've found myself doing it in some other games as well and I'm probably a full cheater addict at this point.. and while some of them have had minor bugs the actual cheat is basically the same and works just as great. I'm probably having the best time I've had gaming when using this. I just can't get enough of it.
    While I don't know much about hacks, I feel like this cheat gets a lot more detail than many others out there that just want to throw in an aimbot and esp and then charge you $15. Over here you actually get the amount of **** you're paying for and that's awesome. Its not even just the cheat. Just seeing how much the staff is involved in the forums and helping users out is great and it makes it clear they actually care about their product and customers.

    Really, if you're someone new to SC reading this and on the fence about purchases - don't waste time looking around at other cheats like I did. You won't find better, trust me. I wasted money on other hacks before coming to this one and not looking back.
    I strongly feel its the best cheat out there, not to mention the best staff I've seen as well.

    While G1 might forever be GamersLast, I feel like this is really the "CheatersFirst" of paid hacks.
    ****ing greatly made cheats. Thanks guys for all your work and for letting us closet scum live our gaming dreams
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    Amazing review. Very detailed and well explained. Glad you like our cheats. Getting top notch reviews is what we are working so hard for. I really appreciate that you took the time and wrote it. I totally agree with you on how GamersFirst messed up their own game.
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    Ohhh... What a really excellent review!
    Appreciate your time and effort you put into it.
    And you absolutely right about the game, G1 ruined it pretty bad by trying to make it better.
    The amount of false promises they introduced is the biggest one so far. the way they trying to keep the "good" players shut and banning them because they understand who G1 is and what they're doing with their game is just insane.
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