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    GTA V - You get the most out for this price 2.0

    Review 1:
    Well I know im pretty new to the SystemCheats-Community, so I try to compare to other premium cheat provider,
    to give you a real reason to switch here or trying SC out. I am from Germany and try to use the best English I can offer

    I will just start my Review , most likely I am going to update this one, if I have to add anything.

    GTAV Hack related and the general Menu
    Menu-Design / UI-Design:
    The Menu is built up very understandable. The Tabs are named so you instantly know
    what the Content is about. The perfect size of the Menu let you click on the features
    quick enough. Compared to what I've seen yet, It is one of the simplest, but therefore
    easier to understand for everybody.

    The Hack explains it self, by just looking at it. Clicking on those little arrows besides each feature
    let you control the state of that feature. If you are used to use an other cheat provider's menu, you
    will get the hang of it very quickly.

    Getting the Hack to work:
    If you have used a premium hack before, in most cases, the hack seems to work on an instant. If
    you have problems, there is a well written guide page here in this Community, telling you how to do
    things, showing you essentials etc. On an average, problems get fixed within minutes, depending on
    the problem itself. Live-Support, Teamspeak, you will get your help

    My experience with the GTA V cheat itself:
    Well it does what I want it to do. Of course, some features are missing compared to other providers, but
    I have read that SystemFiles is going to work on new features. The feature I am missing most is the
    Inf. Ammo Hack, but I strongly believe, that SystemFiles will add it anytime in the future.
    Besides that, I find it very comfortable that there are those profiles: Default, Custom 1 and Custom 2.
    Letting you store anything there. For me, this is enough. A cool point would be to assign Hotkeys to them.
    But in the End the implementation of the Features is best here. For less than 10 this hack is way better
    compared to some Cheats with a higher price.

    Community so far:
    Well the people around here are more friendly, I would say, more user-oriented (for the staff-members),than
    the most other communitys out there. SystemFiles himself doesn't hide behind his Moderators, giving respectful
    answers. This is the reason why I chose SC in the first place. But also I like the way, SystemFiles does his(?) Hacks.
    If you come from one of those providers, treating their user like worthless somethings (and yes there are some doing this out there,)
    you will feel like in paradise here.
    For myself, Im not that guy that's visiting the community on a daily basis, but I can tell you that you will feel home here.

    So my final few words: Come in and take a seat

    Review 2.0:
    I did a re-review for the Hack and gonna write, how the hack works in detail. Also I show you, how I set it up.

    The aimbot works very precise. You are able to modify it to your likings, smoothaiming, angle etc. You can choose where it aims at.
    Yet, this hack is exclusive for it's Aiming at Vehicles, so at the people inside. Not many other GTA 5 Hacks are able to do it, as the devs
    seem to think, that it isn't important (or something like that ). Does what I want it to do

    I dont use Triggerbot at all. Dont need it actually.

    ESP 3D/2D
    Well I only use the ESP Features, when playing against other players, so in Deathmatches. It is, as you can believe, very helpful to hide
    and seek the enemy or to ambush them down. Together with the 2D Radar enabled, you can see, whenever someone spawns behind you.
    It maximizes your Kill-Chances and just give you a little bonus to your skill. Exclusive here? Well this cheat offers you to only make enemy
    players visible for the ESP. Other hacks doen't allow that, which can irritate you. I place it in the middle of the screen, so the crosshair is
    the dot in the middle, representing my char. I made the Window transparent, no cross and i removed the angle lines in the 2D Window.

    Warning System
    Well I dont use that anymore, as my 2D Radar lets me spot people behind me. But the Warning System does what it stands for, giving you hints.
    If someone can see you, or if someone even aims at you. It CAN be very helpful in Deathmatches as you sometimes, even with the 2D Radar,
    aren't noticing, whats going on behind or besides you.

    Misc Settings
    Seetings like God mode or Never wanted are found here. They help you in Singleplayer as they do in Multiplayer. No Inf. Ammo yet, but I use an
    external Trainer for that. The Settings can be set to your personal needs. A little exclusive part maybe is, that you are allowed to remove watermarks
    by yourself. I only have the "Draw Time" feature always on besides No Recoil and No Spread. (Pretty helpful if you dont have the Steam version and
    have to Alt+Tab out to look at the time ). Crosshair is only on for Missions or Bankjobs. Well God Mode never used online as I only own 1 GTA Account
    , and Never Wanted is only enabled if I want to remove the cops. But I dont keep it on alltime.

    Other things:
    Filters, which let you add your friends, so you dont aim at them.
    And finaly the ability so save up to 3 Profiles:
    - Default: Loads up, once the Hack is injected.
    - Legit: Well save a pair of settings there for legit play or anything else.
    - Rage: Save some rage settings here or use it for an alternative setup.

    Most exclusive: working flawlessly on Windows 10, so it is actually supported.
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    Thank you for this amazing review! And for your "Assign Hotkey to profiles", it has been requested and SystemFiles is thinking about adding it but nothing sure.

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    I am planning to re-review, and make an addition to this one, as I want to play a bit longer with the GTA V Cheat.
    After that, I will post my personal expericence with each feature, Aimbot, Radar's and the special hacks.

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    Great review. I love it when users put time and effort in writing us a great useful review. Appreciate that it gets noticed how I try to stay in touch with the users. Enjoy the cheat.

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    That's exactly how I feel reading this great review.

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    I did an update, and re-reviewed the Hack in detail. I did wrap Part 1 and Part 2.0 in Code-Tags. I believe it is easyer to read now.

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    The code is kinda weird, I changed it a bit
    And THANKS once again for updating and sharing your experience with everybody else.
    We truly appreciate your time and effort you put into this review!

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