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Thread: DH Cheat Review

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    DH Cheat Review

    Systemcheats is a very professional ran site with quality cheats and quality support from my personal experience being with them for two months straight now.
    The staff are always active everyday and responsive to anyone who needs help on the forums.


    The features in this cheat are all you could ask for.
    The ESP is very detailed and configurable to help you find anything you need on the map from loot crates if you are new and don't know where they spawn and also dropped items such as if people where to hide nails or keys on the ship or thralls dumping coal around the map you can find it very easily.
    As for finding thrall stuff the totem esp and the thrall esp is very handy for finding out who the Thralls are and where they are building their totems.
    You won't ever be surprised late game by a cheeky thrall whos doing a deep blend with this cheat.
    Powderkeg/weapon ESP is one of my favorites to keep on as it allows you to know when the thralls are bombing the ship when you're on it so you can make for a quick diffuse and avoid annoying repairs.

    The aimbot is accurate and dialed in for all weapons.
    The bow drop and lead are perfect for hitting 100+ meter shots and the lead on guns is also perfect for hitting moving targets with ease.
    I also love that it has animal/cannibal lock on as well, it makes surviving cannibal calls solo easy with a bow.

    Misc features:
    The no fog/whiteout is a great misc. feature that allows you to drive the ship without hitting a single iceberg and seeing in the nighttime is crystal clear.

    I have played with the cheat for one month now with 200+ hours played with no ban or anyone even calling me sus as long as you don't shoot people through the whiteouts from across the map you shouldn't ever get reported.

    I recommend this cheat to anyone who loves social deception/survival games. It gives you such a great advantage and it has everything you could ask for in a game like this.
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    Thank you very much for the kind words
    5 Days added to your subscription.
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