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    sea of thieves review


    First of all, I would like to thank those who brought this trick to us and contributed.

    I have been using the products intermittently for 3 years.You can get good results when you fine-tune the cheat.You need to adjust the cheat according to your own playing style. The best aimbot cheat in the market does not waste your money.

    But after the last update, I couldn't fix the canon aim angle. Even though I made the recommended settings, it didn't improve. I used to hit the ship far away, but now I can't hit the ship near me. Since the canon aim angle goes towards the bottom of the ship, you can't hit the ship. I observed that it coincides with the hull end part, this should be fixed.

    When you turn on the option to see enemy ships in the Esp section,it appears on the rowboats in the game. Rowboat option should be brought.

    The ability to shoot our own ship and rowboats should be turned off in the Ship aim bot option.

    My criticisms were made in order to carry the trick to better dimensions.

    Thank you to everyone who contributed. Have a nice year together.
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    Thank you for your review and feedback.
    We are aware of cannon aimbot small issues and we working on it, be honest we working on whole cheat right now and it will be reworked a lot hopefully in short period of time.
    In regards of other features request, you can send them into special thread:

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    Thank you for the review and suggestions.
    We are well aware of the current issues and that's why we are overhauling the whole cheat from the ground up.
    I agree with every mentioned suggestion, it's exactly what we going to improve and make better as cannon fights is playing a major role in SOT.

    2 Days added to your subscription, if you want the extra 3, be sure to post at our Trustpilot.
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