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    Sea of Thieves SoT Review After a Month of Use

    A five star solution to a four star game. This cheat implements things that could be in the game as a whole. Being able to keep better track of my resources in the water is a game changer, if it wasn't for this cheat I would've lost out on three sunkin ships' loot and countless megalodons. You DO NOT have to cheat to have QOL enhancements, disable the unfair aiming and enable PVE enhancements. Play how YOU want.

    The purchasing process was super fast and secure and so was the setup. I am always skeptical about new (to me) cheat suppliers and since SoT doesn't have a lot of cheats in the market, I'd be lying if I wasn't nervous. However, thanks to previous reviewers I decided to pursue it and I am glad I did. I hope to help anyone on the fence about this product pull the trigger! Due to the nature of the product some difficulties are to be expected, but thankfully mine were easily fixed by reading past experiences in this forum. I had some difficulties with implementation of the Cheat's settings being saved and such but thankfully using the resources in the forum I had discovered that the Win10 threat detection system disabled writing in the folder for the saved configuration files.

    One thing to note, HAVE practical expectations before using this product. The game has bugs that will pass on through the overlay of the cheat and you cannot blame the cheat for it. Or aiming at other ships, the math is predicted based on the positioning at the time of the shot. Actively turning ships will change their paths thus altering your initial projections and making them miss. I've gotten this a few times but if you out maneuver them then you can sink them regardless. Aiming at players rarely misses unless high server ping. I notice this often affects the "Player is looking at you" message too, but it doesn't really make much of an issue.

    I NEVER have to worry about other players ships in the distance. I check my surroundings about a quarter of the time that I used to and it's very refreshing to play at a less stressful speed. Always checking over your shoulder and such was a bore. The customization is astonishing for how many limits are in the rendering of the game engine, I expected a lot more things that could not be configured to my liking and I was in for a pleasant surprise. It took me a while to even find a use for some things like item filtering but eventually it came in quite handy.

    I think a few neat additions in the future would be support for Aiming at megalodons and showing some hostile under water creatures on the ESP. Another nice to have would be player name filtering on ESP and a description of the colors you are adjusting in the #colors tab. Not a MUST have, but incredibly more convenient.

    I enjoy this version of the game a lot more than without, but using it does not hinder my abilities to play without it. I still feel a natural skill development along side the use of the cheat. Starting my second month of use, much thanks for your time making it and I hope to see what else is in store for it as the game progresses. Starting my second month now, hope you give it a shot too.

    Kind Regards,
    A Sea of Thieves Player

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    Amazing review!
    Thank you also for your feedback!

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    Thank you very much for the kind words
    5 Days added to your subscription.

    As for your features wishes, you can always request new features here:
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