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Thread: BFV Review

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    BFV Review

    Firstly I would like to say that system cheats is the 2nd BFV cheat I've used, and it is far superior to the previous one I tried. The installation instructions are really easy to follow, the delivery after payment is instant, and from what I can tell the staff and forums are really helpful.

    The features are pretty decent, the ESP works as it should and the aim indicator is really helpful if you wanna hit headshots without using aimlock. The Fairfight screenshot cleaner works as far as I can tell, but I have had a few problems regarding the cheat re-injecting after the screenshot has been taken, but 8 times out of 10 it functions correctly. The bullet prediction works most of the time but I think it could be improved upon slightly. I could not get the out of view indicator to work (as shown in the demo video) but that might just be down to me doing something wrong. Overall I think the features are well worth it and the customizability is awesome.

    SECURITY 10/10
    I have no complaints or criticism regarding the security. The screenshot cleaner will hide all visuals from Fairfight, meaning you most likely will not get banned if you play legit.

    If you're still questioning whether you should buy this cheat, I recommend you do. There are a few things that can be improved as I mentioned above, but everything functions really well as it currently stands. I hope someone finds this review helpful

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    Thank you for your review and your feedback regards features!

    Cheaper prices!
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    Thank you so much for doing the review and the trust pilot as well.
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    Enjoy! Days added!
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