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    BOCW Review

    Love the cheat. Great value for the price of premium- I thought I was only buying BOCW cheat (bought from banek. I was surprised to find cheats for more games.
    - I feel like there should be an option for continuous smoothness for the auto aim. It slows down way too much when near the enemy to track them during a fast-paced gunfight (on generally soft-aim configs). I either have to deal with this or decrease the aim smoothness to the point where the auto-aim blatantly locks on to the enemy.

    - I suggest adding player skeletons. I appreciate that ESP player distance is a thing, but most of the time players are too focused on trying to stay alive than taking the time to look at numbers to see who's nearest to them. Player skeletons would add a way for the cheat user to intuitively gauge how far away an enemy is instead of having to look at a relatively meaningless number. This isn't really a necessary implementation, but I feel that this would drastically improve the user experience- especially those with sweaty sbmm lobbies.

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    Hello there,

    We have a specific section where you can suggest/request new feature on the forum!
    Thanks for your kind review, we try out hardest to give you the best cheat possible.

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