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    Sea of Thieves My Sea of Thieves Review (Sea Of Thieves Microsoft Store Version)

    My Sea Of Thieves Honest Review So Far!,

    I have been a member of system cheats for a while, and I decided recently to get the hacking option for Sea of Thieves. There is no problem with the loader; you have to log in and load the cheat before launching the game. There is no problem with the website either, it is really outstanding what system cheats do with certain main games like this one, and I will be going over my overall experience with it. By the way, their support for this game is straight forward so if you need any help, contact me or go to the support for the game, which is located here

    Onto the hacking statistics:

    AIMBOT: The Aimbot option is really exceptional and just honestly flawless, except it may be a little jacked sometimes, but that is expected with this game when you're moving at high speeds locking onto the enemy players, or if you're using the cannonball airlock. There are many Aimbot customizations that you can choose for your liking, and I wouldn't miss a chance on this when you're in-game. My Rating is a 10/10.

    TRIGGERBOT: Triggerbot is optional while playing the game. Still, honestly, if you're feeling lazy, it will automatically shoot for a user when a crosshair is placed over an enemy if you guys don't already know that. But really, it is a great aim-assist for your crosshair when you're aiming at enemy players or other various options you would like it to be set on. My Rating is a 10/10.

    3D RADAR: The 3D Radar is excellent when your just wanting to outline objects, merchants, and players in general. You can set which type of bounding box you would want it at, and you can set how large the box size is if you really want that extra outlining on things. This shows really all of the ESP's on the map, so if you don't want the 3D Radar turned on, and all of the things on your map (I don't see why not!) are showing and blocking your view, you can turn it off. My Rating is a 10/10.

    2D RADAR: The 2D Radar is really like a mini-map on your screen located on the left side, and it shows up as tiny dots on the map where players are, and I believe if you go near an enemy player, it will show up as red, while your color is blue I believe. This also shows your Crosshair, FOV, Dot Size, Radar Scale, and Window Scale so you can fidget around with that to your liking and adjust whether you want the various obscene scales on your screen to your liking. My Rating is a 10/10.

    WARNING: This is optional, but again if you want this turned on, it will show in your game when enemy players are looking at you or aiming at you, and I believe it will show on your screen as red, and there name saying when there aiming at you and such. I have had no problems with this option, and I would recommend turning this on if you want to know if fellow enemy pirates are looking in your direction so you can have an advantage. My Rating is a 10/10.

    MISC: This is optional stuff you change in-game or on your screen, which does include different various options of the crosshair, and you can also change the size of your crosshair if you want it larger. This also includes your FPS, Resolution, Time, Watermark, Health Bar, and Panic key, and you can also change the font size if you want it bigger on your screen to your liking. My Rating is a 10/10.

    COLORS: This is optional if you want different colors relying on different objects, and you can color-code it to your liking. There are good color options, but personally, I don't mess with it because I like the colors already in the game. My Rating is a 10/10.

    FILTERS: This is optional, but if you want to filter certain things out in-game, you can do this. Personally, I haven't filtered anything out because I never really had to, but if you want an organization with certain item names or wildlife in the game, then this is for you. My Rating is 10/10.

    SECURITY: The Security is top-notch, and you will certainly be undetected of cheating if you don't go all outrage mode on the cheating functions offered. So far, for me, just a day of me cheating, I have not been banned at all for what I have been doing; regardless of the high-end security, there is always a chance of you getting banned like any other game so watch yourself. My Rating is a 10/10.

    CONCLUSION: To wrap this up, it is a perfect cheat to go with personally, and I hope with my review you will possible get this cheat for this game because it's by far worth it for your money and promise me you will have fun hunting other people or just doing basic quests with your fellow pirate pals.

    Trustpilot Review here:
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    This is a very specific and well detailed review! We really appreciate this kind of review. We are glad that you are enjoying our product!
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    Thanks you for making this review. You're too kind and detailed for sure!
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