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    WZ/BOCW Review After 1 day of using them

    so first let's start off by saying that systemcheats is 110% worth it if you are new to cheating the good price for all of the cheats is very good, normally this many cheats would cost much over 100$ imo. anyway so the wz and the bocw cheats are very good imo, the only complain i really have is probably the aimbot kinda feels off sometimes like in bocw it's not locked straight onto the players head but it kinda moves behind it, if its a setting or smth i dont know about thats my bad then. Aimbot 9/10
    ESP. Is just perfect. the crazy thing is the amount esp options there are for the price like i honestly dont think there is any other cheat with this many esp options its fkin crazy tbh. ESP 10/10.
    2D radar. tbh dont see why you would wanna use this if you have esp on so not gonna really talk about this. 2D radar NA/NA
    TriggerBot. when i was using the trigger bot with a sniper it just shot before i even scoped in ngl why would anybody even use triggerbot in a cod game. TriggerBot 6/10
    The warning system. this is smth i personally love and have not seen before on any cheat so props for the staff for adding this feature. the way u just know if somebody is aiming at you is so good, and helpful. The Warning System 10/10.
    filters. tbh not really needed but atleast its there so props for that. Filters 5/10
    the esp colors. the customizability is crazy tbh u can literally change any color of any esp setting, very good imo. Colors 10/10
    detectability. rage cheated the whole day haven't been banned, very good security imo. Security 10/10
    Conclusion. The cheat is worth it 110% if u have money to buy it and u want to get into cheating its so worth it. 100% recommend for any one that wants a good cheat for a very good fair price.
    TRUSTPILOT Review link:
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    Thank you for your review!
    Regards your problem with prediction, you need set setting up for your pc setup and game settings and it should work fine then! We will be more then happy to help you with it!

    Cheaper prices!

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    Ty for the review added 5 days to your sub!

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