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    BattleFeild V Cheat Review

    GOOD STUFF >>> The Cheat is really good and features are great no FPS or Lag or and problems getting it to work aimbot not perfect but works well its a good cheat overall and has a few bugs but no major bugs I would Recommend this cheat to someone who wants to cheat in Battlefield V +rep Had
    a lot of fun using this.

    BAD STUFF>>> Almost no prediction at all when using regular guns like a sniper, assault rifle, lmg, etc. The prediction only works on vehicles AntiAircraft and stuff you can drive or have to hop in a seat to use. One Big Bug with the cheat is that when using an AntiAircraft gun it doesn't aim lock on it just spins around the target and the same thing happens when you are a gunner on a plane. One Big Bad Thing was that in the cheat description they said you didn't have to be worried about getting banned and after playing for 4 hours I got perm banned for cheating.

    Overall Rating >>> I give this a 2.5/5 why 2.5 because I got banned and a lot of bugs they need to fix.

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    Hello there,

    Here you can report/request bugs and feature for the cheat:
    We are aware of some issues with the prediction but we have no ETA for a possible fix.
    Regarding your ban I'm sorry but there isn't much we can do since the cheat is NOT detected and is the user advice to not rage and get caught by FF.

    Overall we appreciate the honest review for our product, thanks!

    My personal guide on how to not get banned on COD:

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    Sad to see you got banned, still review is a review, we don't go back on our word. Added 2 days to your sub. Unless you got a new account you could request your sub to be changed.

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