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    COD MW2019 Warzone Review

    Review copied from Trustpilot below:

    Call of Duty Cheat Review
    Warzone Review

    Aim bot:

    The aim bot is great, it is extremely customizable and easy to use. I have been going 2 and a half days straight playing the game and have yet to have a bug or any issue. I have not been banned, and the cheat remains undetected.


    I think the ESP is really good as well, it offers everything I personally need. My only suggestion is to be careful with the warning system for people aiming at you and who can see you, the default is quite high and if you want to avoid a ban from the CoD servers your best bet is to not snap to and dome someone 500m away.


    There are options for 2D and 3D radar which is extremely helpful and useful. it's helpful for seeing people on the map who are above you without them being able to tell you're tracking them. ex: someone parachuting in on you and you can see a dot on your 2D radar. you can move the 2D radar anywhere on your screen and customize the size 0 and change the size of the dots of players as well.


    Setup was easy and the forum instructions were clear and concise. There are multiple languages as well. Make sure you extract to a folder so the program can save all your configs and what not there.


    As stated above, I have had absolutely no issues. I have been playing in my free time as much as I can and have not been banned. If you want to keep your account turn your soft aim setting up a bit and don't track people through walls like a dimwit. I've seen others complain on the forums about being banned and it's completely their own user error and ignorance. This cheat is still undetected and they continually update the launcher where it states if the cheat is detected, updating or anything else.

    At First I felt it was a little pricey, thought for a while and decided to give the premium a shot, I purchased 1 week and I am roughly 2 and a half days in and it is 300% worth it. I have been having a blast!

    Absolutely worth it. The features are great, there are many customizations and options to choose from. This is one of the best programs I have used. The forums are also extremely helpful, there is a plethora of information and help there if you need it.

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    Thanks for the review buddy.
    I have added 5 days into your subscription!


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