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Thread: Warzone review

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    Warzone review

    Tell us about your experience with our cheat/site/support.
    Ive been using the cheat for about a week. I personally havent had any contact with support or admins but from what i can see this is a top tier group that is very active and respectful.

    Cheat's features.
    Aimbot: The aimbot is amazing 11/10 you can have so many different settings to adjust to the way you want to play. When you wanna rage cheat, this aimbot is here for you. when you wanna look legit, same thing shes there for you. The aimbot is so smooth to, if you set it up right it looks so realistic and not snappy. Which helps against being reported

    Triggerbot: I have not tried this feature so i cannot personally comment, but others say its great

    ESP: Anotha one. 11/10 i mean this ESP has it all, you can see items, cash, armor, boxes. which is so convenient when trying to buy your buddies back from the gulag, you know exactly where money is to make it quick. and also you have so many ways to make the ESP how you want it. i personally like the boxes so i can see where everyone is more boldy, BUT you must not make it obvious, unless you are raging. Ive been using this menu on my main religiously for about a week and have had no problems. (i DO NOT recommend using your main lol) Just use common sense and you will be fine.

    2D Radar: I do not use this feature as well, but same as the triggerbot others say its great

    Warning System: This thing is awesome, the last menu i used did not have this, and i could never go back. sometimes your locked in on one target trying to merk him and forget about your surroundings and this warning system saves your a** everytime.

    Security. The security is amazing. Never been detected. NUFF SAID. Always on top of things when games get updated.

    If you are on the fence about getting cheats from these guys, just do it. Great team that are always gonna have your back.

    LONG STORY SHORT: amazing menu, amazing support, 100% recommend


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    Thank you for your amazing review!

    Cheaper prices!

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    5 days added to your current subscription.


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