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    Fivem questions

    Hello the staff,

    I have two questions about the cheat i had it earlier, i searched a bit on internet some cheats but the only team that i really trust is here so yeah the questions are :

    Does it counter the fact that servers can screenshot our screen?

    Does the cheat still work on Extinction? Earlier i talked a lot with Psycopath and Extinctions server achieve to counter the cheat sometimes and got detected by the Anticheat 25. So if i can i the certainty about that they dont detect with screenshot and the wallhack still worksm then i can pay for 6 months but i really ask before pay because it's actually the only server i tryhard..

    thanks team.

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    We do not have screenshot in the GTA cheats, because it was never needed before. AS for extinciton, should be working, since we added 2 injections in the loader, for new and old servers. GLIFE covered

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