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    The Division The Divison 2

    This is off-topic since the decision was made not to support games with EAC. I also didn't see in the forum rules that this isn't allowed, so I will ask it.

    Where can I find a reliable site for getting a chair for The Division 2? If this type of question isn't allowed on the site at all, then someone please message me with a reliable site for it. Apologies if this kind of request is in the wrong forum page, or is just not allowed at all. I already read the forums of countless people requesting the game so I know it won't come to SystemCheats anytime soon, if at all. I just haven't found a post with this particular request. Thanks.

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    Well, asking for and providing information about other providers is not in place and yes, it is against our rules too.
    This is not a forum where we sharing our experience with other providers...

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