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    Black Ops Cold War

    Hello when will i be able to play cold war? It says updating but my subscription is ending soon and I havenít been able to play

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    Did you really make a new account just to ask that because you knew it was against the rules and you didn't want to risk your main account getting flagged or potentially suspended?

    Imagine SystemFiles is on vacation and hasn't been near his computer. How could he even answer you? What if, God-forbid, he was sick and all you care about is when it will be up?

    We all feel that desire to play, but asking is virtually useless. The only way the devs, mods, or anyone for that matter will know when it is ready to play is when it is ready, and when its ready there is no need to ask because it will be ready to play.

    Just wait like the rest of us, asking is honestly disrespectful to the systemcheats team. You made a new account just to ask so clearly you knew it was disrespectful, but you still made the post.

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    COD CW Is back online now.
    Asking for ETA is against our rules, keep that in mind for next time.

    Cheaper prices!

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