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    Reg: GTA 5 Cheats


    There was an update in GTA 5 2 days back and i wanted to check with you if the cheat is still up and is undetected? The reason i am asking this question is, most of the cheats sites are keeping the status as up and providing detected cheats. So i just wanted to ask this question.

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    Well, we are not like most other sites, and we don't really care what they are doing
    Cheat is not detected if you asking for it, most game updates have nothing to do with detection, however we still always checking it just in case.
    Cheat is working fine and is ready to use, every time when cheat stops working because of update we taking it down for update, same if any cheat is detected. We never hide any information in this case.
    You can check cheat status here:

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