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    Sea of Thieves review for sea of thieves cheat

    My review for sea of thieves cheat
    [Bad english]
    It's only been three days since I used it

    Aimbot 10/10 : Aimbot works really well! It's amazing that I can customize aimbot. Prediction shots sometimes don't fit, but they have an accuracy rate of 70 percent! The performance of the aimbot is certain!
    3D Radar [ ESP ] 8/10 In the case of a box or Bounty ESP, you need to approach it up to 50m [my opinion] . I don't know what I forgot, but I think it's good except for this. And I want to know a chest where can find it only by solving a riddle.
    2D Rader 10/10 : Honestly, I don't think I need it, but it works well!
    Menu Design 9/10 : I like the menu because it is simple, but I think it is too simple. lol
    Security : i dont know about this Maybe the last time who got a ban was a year and a half ago, so i think security's safe!

    Total : 13/10 !! and staffs of systemcheats are very kind, and forum is non-toxic and takes good care of each other. I love this!

    Trustpilot review :
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    Thank you for your kind words and review, as well for the trustpilot review.
    Therefore I have added 5 days into your subscription.


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