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    My review for The Division

    I got the trial version which is 24h i think, (it will end soon)

    This is the first time i ever try a hack coz i played 5300 hours on ps4 before, mostly pvp.
    I used to deal with lag switchers all days and nites. 2 months ago the game came for free on pc, i wanted to give it a try... so little i knew there was still so many cheaters in dz LOL.
    I really like to play legit, but at the end of the day... i have lost my temper, and decided to look for hack as well.
    Now, there's a lot of scam webistes out there!!! But here... you got what you pay for.
    At first, i didn't know how to use it... i found out later that you need to pause the game and then press delete for a menu. I of course went for aimbot with RPM and teleporting. Only thing... it doesn't work with controller, yes you have zero recoil and RPM works, but not really the aimbot. So i switched to mouse and keyboard.
    I don't know if i'll go for 3 months thoo... i want, but the good part in me says no.
    I'll think about it the next few hours.

    Anyway, i had a good time... can we share a video?
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    Welcome here and glad you like it! Hopefully you decide to stay with us for longer

    Cheaper prices!

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    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you see that it's not scam out there, and thanks proving that we're "legit"
    Unfortunately, one day trial customers does not participate in review rewards, therefore you cannot get rewarded with extra days for this review.
    But we're glad you gave your review anyways.


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