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    Hello !

    Hi everyone,

    I'm very new to this world.
    But after over 15 years of legit online playing, I am curious to discover how it feels to cheat online.
    I'm also a little woried about wrong doing and eventual bans.
    So I hope to get some help, to understand what to do, what not to do, and what could get me banned that I have no control over.
    Like can I get banned from Modern Warfare in 2 or 3 months if I cheated for 1 week?

    I mostly want to chase other cheater that are way to obvious.
    Fight fire with fire like they say.

    Have a great day/night !

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    We have datailed threads on how to play and avoid getting banned in the customer section. When you cheat, you will have to play as legit as possible to avoid getting banned.
    There are games that do give out delayed bans. Modern Warfare wont ban you a few months after cheating. Can still be delayed up to a few days but not more.

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