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    My Honest Review

    So I started here after using another provider for a while - and though some things here do irk me, I have decided to switch over completely - and I will explain why.

    First of all, I launch the loader before always playing. However, my settings are completely off until I run into a verified hacker. I am not dependent on the cheats, but there are times when those who take cheating too far need to be given payback. I will use the cheats from time to time to learn how people move and I how can change my views in certain situations, but that is few and far in between.

    So what do I think?

    1) There are a whole lot more options that any other cheat providers will give you. I love the WZ Legit mode. It really does change the way you play.
    2) I love that there is no streamer mode. It eliminates those who boast on stream about how good they are while using cheats are limited (to none).
    3) The MAIN reason for my switch for because of the staff. They are interactive, they are invested and most of all, they are on top of everything. Like I said, I am not dependent on the cheats, so I am not bummed when they take it down for updated - infact, I love how the staff are on it to take it down during an update. The quality really shines when they are worried about not only the quality that they deliver, but also of user safety.

    So here are the ratings:
    ESP: 8/10. It's a hard change from competitor, but once you get used to it, it's not difficult to maneuver
    Cheat options: 10/10. It's amazing to see what you can control and what is available to be taken out.
    Loader installation: 7/10. It's confusing at first, and depending on your settings, can take a while for you to figure out - BUT I UNDERSTAND WHY IT IS THE WAY IT IS.
    Support: 15/10. Love the guys who are behind this and as a result, I'm happy to spend more for the quality that they provide. (just try to speed it up on Friday nights please? One of the few nights I can play properly and sometimes you need to pull a clutch using the cheats )
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    15/10? That's 150%!?! Glad to see you are loving the cheats as much as the rest of us
    "Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand" (Martin Fowler, 2008).
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    Ty for the review, i added 2 days to your sub, if you are willing to post your review on Trustpilot and send us a link to your review i'm willing to give you 3 more...

    In any case have fun!
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