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    Chargeback Without Permission

    Around a month ago, someone had attempted to commit fraud on my card, and had purchased my items online with my information. My bank, thinking that my subscription to SystemCheats was fraudulent, had charged back my subscription. I am in the process of returning the money to you guys. However, I am wondering if I will be able to return to my account, @CosmoWarr, after I return the money. I am willing to give an apology or an extra donation to your services. Either way, I will be returning the money to your service, even if I do not get the subscription back.

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    Well if you telling to truth, you're more than welcome to come back.
    However, first thing first, contact your bank and allow them to cancel the chargebacks, when that's done, consider yourself unbanned and good to go.
    If you still want to chit chat about it, hop in our teamspeak.

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    I would like to add this could still take some time for your bank to process this, and the results of the case sent to Stripe our payment processor.

    Stripe claims we will know the result of this case by December 5th 2020.

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