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    Red Dead Redeption 2

    Hello good afternoon.
    I am interested in the cheat for Red Dead Redeption 2, and I wanted to clear up some doubts:

    Does it work in the pirated version of the game, story mode?

    In the original version of the game, steam, does it work in both story mode and online mode?

    In the original version of the game, does cheat work in online mode?

    Was the cheat detected or banned?

    Is it currently undetectable?

    I have these doubts because the game is not so low in price, so I need to know if I will not be banned easily, if the cheat is undetectable how long?
    Thank you and I am waiting for responses to make the purchase.

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    - Yes, it should work on pirated version of the game as well.
    - Yes, yes, its working on both modes.
    - Yes, already answered on it
    - As far as I know it wasn't detected yet.
    - Yes, its currently undetected, if it will be opposite, then you won't see it online on cheat list status.

    Cheaper prices!

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    Hey, I'm not support but premium customer of SC, Yes the cheat works for both Offline & Online, pirated or real, the cheat has been undetected since release, I'm pretty sure it will be undetectable for a long time, I'm saying this because i've used it. And about detectability, no you wont get banned easily but there's always a risk one using cheats

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