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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Premium Package

    Tell us about your experience with our cheat/site/support.
    Been using this for two months and this cheat is absolutely amazing! Haven't been shadow ban and all I do is drop 100 kills in pub matches and sometimes drop 40 in warzone when I get mad.

    Cheat's features.
    Overall the features on this cheat are SUPER P. It's fairly basic like esp, aimbot, misc, etc. All the basic stuff you need for a cheat but what I like about it is how simple the menu looks compared to other cheats. It's really simple and noob-friendly to configure. One thing that I have a problem is the prediction I have mine set at 3 for the scale but it misses a lot. If you guys know the best prediction lmk! What would be cool if RADAR can just be on the actual minimap instead of being on a separate window but the radar works like a charm.

    Security is top-notch. I have never been banned or shadow while using this cheat. Although a shadow ban is manual lol. It even avoided the last wave!

    Overall this cheat is really P! I love how legit the aimbot feels since it was changed to mouse movements I believe. It's not your standard computer aimbot that snaps it's more like aim assist on pc. I highly recommend this cheat to any newcomers in the cheating scene. The only issue I had was the prediction and it crashes when you alt-tab but that is a known bug.

    Link Trustpilot Review:

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    I'm glad to see that you are enjoying our cheats as much as the rest of us . Thank you for the review.
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    Thanks man for kind words. Glad you're enjoying it.
    I have added 5 days to your subscription. Enjoy.

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