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Thread: 1week of use

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    1week of use

    Found this cheat 1 week ago after *** went down, luckily I didn't get banned. And this is far better than ***, more settings and more customizable aimbot and so on. Im using very legit settings but still the aimbot is very powerful, I've never been called out by my friends. So if you're looking for just that little extra this is the cheat for you. The trigger is also very powerful and instant, rarely miss any shots. Never had any problems with the esp, may lose a few fps if you got a bad computer like me.

    9/10 there is some settings i still miss like magnet trigger but other than that this is perfect. Will be renewing for 1 month after my sub expires.
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    Hello, thank you for the review. We here at SystemCheats appreciate it. Now can I ask you is this a review for the entire premium package or is this more for a specific game? Might help more people if they knew what you were reviewing.
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    Thank you very much for the kind words
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