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    COD Warzone/Modern Warfare

    So first off Hello everybody!

    After like 2 years including Bo4 times i finally decided to give a honest review for the staff and all new customers!

    How Long does i use this Cheeto?

    Well i can say 2 Years now without problems if you be smart! I Play with SC since release of MW 2019 and still not banned so if you use it smart you can use it 4ever!

    Does the cheeto works as they promise?

    Hell Yea Aim/WH works perfectly fine! for me i cant say much to the other features because i only use 2D WH and sometime if i wanna rage on smurf account the AIMbot its accurate and pretty good, finally you can feel yourself like the dude from American Sniper Haha

    Would you recommend SC?

    Well i can say i recommend SC but always think about it if you use Cheetos there is always a risk to get detected and banned. But like i said on top using it now since 2 years and 1 year on MW 2019 and got not banned! so yes give it a try you will love it!

    And at the End:

    Thanks to SC and the whole team which made this great work! I will always be a customer of your! Never one without SC!

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    Hello, I'm glad you have had a good experience using our cheats and hope you continue to use them .
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    Thank you for the awesome review! We really appreciate it!
    5 Days were added to your subscription! Have fun and thank you once again

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