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    Reviews Reward System!

    Hey everyone,

    Your feedback is essential to us. Therefore, we decided to create a simple yet constructive template for reviews and extend it even outside of SystemCheats.
    What do we mean by that? Well, let me explain.

    As an appreciation for your review and time, we are going to give you 2 days for each cheat review you write and 3 days on top of that, if the review will be written on Trustpilot.
    Days will be given only to genuine reviews and not anything that doesn't count as a review, such as trash-talking or a singular line of useless words. If you have something negative to say, then feel free to do so, but in a constructive criticism way.
    The amount of reviews is ONE per cheat or per subject, such as a site review. For every review you write about each cheat, you will get the days added towards your subscription.
    If you fail to obtain additional days for the review, this means it's not enough or doesn't fit the category above. In this case, you can always edit it and add things to it and let us know. Making a review of the same product doesn't count.
    This does NOT include One Day Trial. We reserve the right to deny any time additions as we see fit.
    So, please be honest with the review.

    To leave a review and receive bonus time on your subscription please make sure to leave a review here on the forums and link us to your review on trustpilot so we can verify it and give you credit for it.

    If you don't do this you simply wont receive your bonus days, but we greatly appreciate your review no matter what!

    Optional Review Form:
    [B]Tell us about your experience with our cheat/site/support.[/B]
    [B]Cheat's features.[/B]
    [B]Link Trustpilot Review:[/B]
    Before you post a review, make sure you select the number of stars. (Prefix)

    Abusing the review system without actually testing the product will result in a loss of prior added additional time.

    SystemCheats Staff

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