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    Question A interesting topic

    Hi everyone, hope we’re having a great day!

    This is kind of a pointless post but with intent to try and understand what’s going on!
    I’ve spent the last 9/10hours reading most posts in the help section, it’s filled with basically the same questions just reworded. Now I’m not entirely sure what goes on in other people’s brains but why ask a question that’s been asked multiple times?

    The next thing is this forums contains some valuable rules to allow us users to get past, grab the information we want / need then carry on with “requesting help, asking questions” BUT it’s almost as if 90% of the users don’t actually read the rules and statements and carry on with their questions, although they’ve already been answered 1001 times...

    Just a question for thought, what’s un clear about this website that makes it extremely difficult to read the text displayed within threads?

    Also with what I’ve said this makes the environment extremely tedious for staff members alike, to keep answering the same issue that “bill” asked 33 seconds ago.

    Have a great day everyone, this isn’t to cause offence I’m just clearly missing something just trying to understand.

    Thanks, TheMouse12
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