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    COD 2019/Warzone - Experienced cheater review.

    Hello, in this review i will point the Positives and negatives of the Systembot for COD MW 2019.
    I have been rage / legit cheating in games for over a decade now, i'm also an experienced player without cheats as well, so this review is written by someone with proper knowledge on the subject.

    Since MW2019 is a game where raging will likely result in a quick ban, this review will be focused on legit hacking.

    I have been using another popular provider for CODMW as well (i can't say the name due to forum rules, but let's say said provider is the most known one out there)
    In my opinion, both clients are good in their respective ways, both have positives and negatives and both can be easily improved with simple changes.

    Let's begin.

    Simple and functional, injecting SS is very easy and painless, no reboots or special techniques required, open the loader, load the cheat and play.

    AIMBOT 8/10
    The best aimbot for regular multiplayer, hands down, the sole reason why i purchased a subscription here, SS's humanization is one of the best out there for legit cheating, you won't get blatant hardlocks like some other providers with it, it works exactly like the magnetic aim assist competitive players need to get their extra edge while looking completely legit, most of the time i can easily bind it to mouse 1 and feel as if i'm not even aimbotting while being extremely accurate with it.
    However, for warzone, it isn't so great, the prediction is completely off, even with no smoothing, no settings will fix it either, sadly, don't expect to land consistent long shots or shots on moving targets in the distance.

    Misses far too much, tweaking delays doesnt help very much, you're better off shooting yourself, an accurate tbot is doable in this game as i have used one, no biggie, i belive setting it to trigger on 80% of the hitbox instead of 100% should avoid missfires as it won't shoot at the edge of the hitbox, and hopefully shouldn't be too hard to implement.

    VISUALS 8/10
    This is kinda personal, feature wise i can give it an 10/10, it beats the competition, it shows literally everything, and you can turn off each piece of loot/projectile individually instead of having to turn a whole group on/off, but i don't really dig the looks of it that much, in fact, i have never seen a COD cheat with pretty visuals (i guess i'm too spoiled by CSGO cheats and their super clean ESP's) but that's just a personal gripe.

    SECURITY 10/10
    I will take what i heard from others here, apparently SS has never been detected, and combine this with the super legit humanizer id say this is the safest cheat in the public market currently.

    SUPPORT 10/10
    SS has been around for a good while now, and the few times i needed support i was treated well and my issues were solved without a fuss.

    Would i recommend this cheat?
    If you're a closet cheater looking for the most human like aimbot, absolutely, you currently won't find another open provider with an aimbot of this kind for multiplayer, all of the public ones i know have very rudimentar and robotic smooth aim methods that will either hard lock upon reaching the target or simply won't assist you in anything if you set it too high to avoid the locks.

    If you're looking to rage and snipe kids 2000m away in their parachutes i'd say no, until the prediction is reworked.

    Overall, i'm very happy with it

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    Thank you for this in depth review!

    We are actively working on the prediction and no worries! Your concerns regarding it are fair and heard!

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