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    Sea of Thieves players

    I'm subscribed to the premium package for another game, but I have all these games available that I'm not utilizing. I recently saw something about a big 2020 sea of thieves updates.

    Is this game active (are a lot of ppl playing it)? Does it have a bunch of new content? I've been thinking about downloading it.

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    Its active and theres usually full lobbies throughout the american timezones, but the lobbies aren't usually that big on average. There's a lot of content and they regularly update it. I think if you find some friends it's pretty fun to play with when you just want to chill.

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    Hey, due to the last big updates the number of players has gone up again. It is definitely worth trying.

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    Here is what I suggest you to do If you don't want to pay the full price for a game that you might not going to play.
    Thankfully SOT is available in Xbox Game Pass, so you can pay the 1 USD for a month trial and test it out: Cancel it with keeping the subscription till it runs out. That way you can try SOT for just 1 USD and determine if you like it or not.
    If you do, my platform of choice would be steam, change the region to Turkey or Argentina by using a VPN, then buy yourself steam wallet code and get the full game for super cheap price.

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    I bought the Xbox Game Pass Beta for PC for $1 first month, after that it's $3,99

    Fallout 76, Sea of Thieves, the Metro series, No Man's Sky. There are definitely more fun games to play on the Game Pass I personally would recommend it.
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