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    ARK: Survival Evolved Review

    ARK Review
    Viewangles/Accuracy 10/10
    ESP: 10/10 - optimized, clean, smooth customiable.
    Memory Hacks:
    NoRecoil NoSpread NoSway - perfect. 10/10 does it's job.

    So after using a 1 day trial i found a issue, to be able to use the cheat loader panel you have to completeley disable UAC Manifest

    BUT on the win10 ark (microsoft store) when UAC isn't turned to lowest the top and bottom panels appear when you move your mouse

    meaning, when you're tyna actually play the game it's as if you're not even tabbed into the game, as it allows your mous eto move so freely it doesnt lock it into the fullscreened application

    for this reason i will have to revert so a really shitty ark cheat

    for the record, personally i think the work you did on win10 ark was incredible. i'd love to use/buy it fulltime BUT i physically can't play the game

    it's a bit of a dilemma and i don't know if i've given enough informaton.

    so to sum it up

    when you look up / down ingame the tasbar and the top tab of teh game open up, they don't lock
    makes the game unplayable
    lots of love - lss

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    Thank you for the review! We appreciate it

    The problem with UAC is known.
    Any game that using microsoft store or to be exact universal windows platform (UWP) is known to have issues if UAC is disabled such as described.

    So, enabling it for games such as ARK and Sea of Thieves is mandatory.
    In fact we state it at the injection process here:
    Hope this will help you out for the next time

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    the link you've sent i don't have permission to view, i'm going to buy another trial key to view it lol

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