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    Sea Of Thieves

    This cheat has been very fun to use so far and I'm looking forward to new features. The aim-bot and prediction are very accurate and works on all weapons. Cannon's aimbot has to be my favorite feature, and even if you get unlucky on gun battles you are guaranteed to win cannons. Esp works great and I have not noticed any bugs with it so far, the only thing I would change is having an option to show the distance of most things. I also would really like an Island Esp and map pin Esp. I'm currently having to run another cheat on top of this to have the island and map pin esp and its a hassle but It beats looking on the map every 5 minutes. But I'm still really enjoying the features and it's updated often and cheap so I can't complain. 4.5/5
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    Thank you for the review, we appreciate it!

    Island ESP and Waypoint/Pin ESP is something we had in consideration, but we faced a problem with the menu's limitation. It's something we definitely want to look into in the near future.
    As for injecting 2 cheats at once.. I wouldn't risk it If you'll get banned, who you gonna blame lol?..
    You might want to simply join Sea of Thieves official discord and find a knowledgeable crew that can navigate the map and be their assistance with killing and digging
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