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    GTA 5 SystemCheat

    This shit is amazing. Been having fun playing with a friend all night. Only things I’m disliking are as follows:

    Aimbot doesn’t seem to work for me at all. Aim all day but no actually latch on even with stick on.

    Misc seems to be buggy. Doing the Fleeca Job setups causes friendly players and enemies to sometimes gain these perks, super impact and super bullet for sure. They kept blowing up the Kuruma when we’d get it and drive off.

    God mode has an occasional relapse and will just randomly auto kill me from some random enemy.

    Other than mentioned above everything’s working pretty damn good. So if I was to give it an honest rating I’d say a 4/5. It’s a blast to just mess around and blow shit up during non “get this car and drive here” job with some Misc cheats activated.

    Edit: I ended up discovering how to fix the aimbot issue. Seems like turning off then on the stick to target fixes the issue?
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    Thank you for your time and review buddy. Glad you're enjoing it.
    For the some of the problems/issues you might encounter, please as for those in the section of GTA V.

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