I admit when I first came across this sight, I was suspicious. I had never really worked with cheats and such and only started to look for some at the time. I found this sight and was interested but highly skeptical. I had to keep viewing everything here, asking questions, and explore the sight and features. I committed and guarantee you it is exactly what it says. There is no scam, no BS, no trick. What they are showing is really what you get when you buy a product. If you are interested in buying a product and are unsure if the products here are genuine, believe me, they are. The cheats work fine and as far as I have been using them, have not been banned or terminated for cheating. The cheats are undetected and are flexible with the users needs. I hope this is handy for any who are interested but are on the fence if this is a scam or not, it really isn't. If you are still scared about being scammed or such just read the rules. If that's not enough ask your own questions in the forums. This is worth your money for whatever game you decide to choose. I personally bought the Sea of Thieves cheat and it works like a charm. Everything here is legit, and exactly what it is advertised as. I hope this clears it up for anyone tempted to purchase a cheat here.