So I just wanted to hop back on the train to say a big thanks to System here. I used this cheetos waaay back in time (ok a few months ago lol) right after it was available, and got some trouble with gaming because of college etc. So after quarantine started I picked it back up and have been using it for 2 months now. I have raged in like 2 or 3 matches before (and I mean RAGE, high sensitivity sticking to heads, 360 autofiring from center of the map etc) but apart from those I choose to play with 2 to 5 smoothing on 3200 DPI and 2.3 game sens (for professional terms, it's like 25cm/360, kinda slowish, enough for 1 smoothing not be obvious aimbotting already) 3D boxes not showing invisible enemies ( aka no wallhacking, but easy spotting at longer ranges). It's almost like I am using a controller aim assist, except it also follows the enemies and slowly crawls for the centermass, which is more than enough for me to play the objectives and sit at top #1 in 90% of my matches with the occasional #2 and #3, with 2.1 KD (not something out of this planet, really) and most importantly, HAVE A BLAST!
Now now, of course there are these moments I just want to cause some trouble and swearing on the other team, so I just grab the GL, RPG, turn on full 3D Radar and "wallbang" people with "really good prefiring skillzz" or the warzone victory where I sit with my team vs another group of 3 or 4 and I want some "indication" of where they may be hiding - this kind of stuff that is really just possible with a cheetos.
Neverthless, I will not be shocked if I eventually get banned. In fact, I had so much fun these months that getting banned right now would already qualify my experience as mind-blowing etc etc. After all, this is my way of having fun!

TL;DR: The game is not so amazing, hacking is. Using it for months, loving it and not banned yet. Reactions online from my "mad skills" are priceless.