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    Just a Suggestion

    Hi Systemcheats
    so after I have been using your service I must admit that i think I found my new cheat supplier. it's the only place where i have seen an admin/coder listen to the custommers and because of this the cheats speak for themself. but if there was one itty bitty thing i would like to see a change of it would be more systembots. i know some of the games that currently have systemradar might not be worth makin a systembot for but games such as CSGO etc that still have an active playerbase i think would need a systembot no need for rage hack features just like you have basic in all the other games..You guys have the overall best cheats and i find it sad that i need to go to other provider because i want to cheat a bit in csgo. please consider it i know you are all about security but as a custommer i would like to decide if i want aimbot on or not. dont mean to be rude or disrespectful in any way it was all just a suggestion and i think also future cheats that you guys make should be systembot by default.

    hope you would consider it as I would like to support my fav place
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