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    Premium Package

    After using the cheat for almost two months now, I would like to share my view of things.


    It is a completely different system, which requires a little "empathy" and trying. It took me a few days to find the perfect setting for me and my equipment. Spend some time and the result will more than reward you abundantly. Instructions for adjustment are more than enough as help in the forum.


    It works smoothly. It shows all opponents, visible and invisible. There are many setting and personalization options.

    (ITEM ESP)

    For me as a plunder player, the item ESP is awesome. Victories are more than certain without conspicuous K / D rates and reports. The advantages of the Item esp are powerful and let you level up very quickly.

    Update / Downtime

    I have never seen a game where updates appear so annoyingly often. The team tries very hard to counteract this and to adapt their own software as quickly as possible.


    The price is more than fair for the premium packet. You get a variety of cheats with lots of setting options. All required features are available to you.

    Thank you for this service.

    Sincerely yours
    w0ot (only a satisfied customer)
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    Thank you for the detailed review! Glad that you're satisfied customer!
    Enjoy your subscription!
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